Keep on the Shadowfell 4E

Traveling to Winterhaven

The last the group had heard of their friend Douven Staul was that he had traveled to Winterhaven. It’s been three months since there’s been any word of him. He had never missed the anniversary of the Battle of Terinkal before. Worried, you packed your gear and headed out on the Kings Road to Winterhaven.

The Kings Road is level. An occasional ancient cobblestone peaks through the dirt, indicating decades of neglect. You noticed footprints leading up and down the road, many of which made by small clawed feet. It was late afternoon, the wind cool and comfortable. Wanting to get to town and rest for the evening before nightfall, you pressed on.

From behind some outcropping of rocks, small creatures sprung into view and began to move toward you. With a shriek, the small humanoids attacked. Scaled and rust-colored, they had reptilian heads and tails. From Chaedi the Ranger’s knowledge of the natural world, these we Kobold bandits. Upon closer inspection you also spied a tied up human male.

The party made quick work of the Kobolds, but not without some damage of their own. Both the Ranger and Warlord were set aflame by one of the Kobolds firepots. The Fighter, Kava, nearly dropped under the onslaught of the Kobolds spears. However the battle was won when the final Kobold was defeated and the Warlock flung it into the trees.

After the battle was done, the party untied the human who revealed himself to be Ruce Linora.

Roleplaying will start here since we rushed through a bit at the end. You’re all still on the road, having just untied Ruce and demanded his name. Continuation of dialog and moving into the Town of Winterhaven can be done on this site’s forum. Ask whatever you’d like of Ruce on your journey to Winterhaven and then the villagers and such. It’ll help keep things fresh till we can play together again.


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